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If you want to learn how to make money online by searching the internet then read this blog because I’m gonna show you how to do it using Microsoft Rewards and Bing search.

I’ve been earning Microsoft rewards for about five years now and I just want to share with you guys. how clean it is to really search online and get paid to do it through using Bing and all you need to do to receive a commission is to simply search the internet such as you already do with Google but now you’ll be using Bing and you’ll actually get paid to do it now.

If you just found this blogpost I’m Harry with honest finance and I make a lot of blogs on different topics that will give your life and your finances more value. so feel free to join our community. 

If you want to but now let’s just start talking about how you can get paid to search online Microsoft rewards has been around for quite a while now. so it’s not like it’s something that’s unheard of but surprisingly a lot of people don’t know about it.

We’ll quickly explain how it works for you guys and then later in the blog. I’m going to show you all of the cool stuff about it. so simply hold tight so the way it really works is which you simply go to their website and sign up totally free for their rewards program after which all you need to do is search the internet and you are gonna start earning points for every single search which you do then as soon as you have got enough points saved up you could for a whole bunch of different gift cards like Amazon coupon codes, Xbox and stuff like that and then for some reason.

If you don’t know what being is it’s just another search engine just like Google except it’s owned by Microsoft and it works pretty much the same way now. I’ll be honest with you guys you’re never gonna get rich by using Microsoft rewards but seriously it’s the easiest way to make money online by doing searching.

Which is something that you’re already doing every single day and then on top of that you are earning rewards from a reputable company so it’s not like you’re signing up for some creepy app that pays you in Bitcoin now for me personally. I just search the internet like I always do and then I earn a few rewards along the way but a lot of people they’ll actually max out their rewards and make an earn points a lot faster than I do because you can earn points from both desktop and mobile.

If you’re utilizing both of these types of searches then you can earn a lot of points and you can do it really fast and then they also have daily bonuses and different stuff like that. 

So if you really want to take advantage of the bonuses and go out of your way to earn extra points then you can do that as well and seriously. if you want to max out all the different points that you can get through Microsoft Rewards every single day. it’s only gonna take about 10 minutes and that’s all the time that it requires to max out everything now.

I’ll show you how it works on desktop and mobile so you can see for yourself how easy it is to use and then on top of that. I’m also going to show you how you can maximize your points every day by just doing a few tricks.

I’ve learned ok the first thing you need to do is just go to slash rewards and then just sign up for free and then once you’re all set up then you can start earning rewards just by doing your searches ok so one of the easiest ways to get rewards is just to go to 

Bing Search Rewards

I’m gonna go there right now and it doesn’t matter what search engine you’re using if you’re using Google Bing it doesn’t matter if you go to being directed to get your points so if you look here in the top right corner you’re gonna see my points looks like 1175 points is what I’ve got right now but as long as you’re in being you can just search whatever and look at the top right you’re gonna see my points go up by 5 points of search and then the cool thing here is that you can actually just type in another letter and this is kind of a little hack that.

I’ve learned to keep typing more letters you can still get your points. so if you really want to max out stuff every day and you don’t really want to look up individual things you can do that just make sure that you don’t look up the same thing twice because that’s really the only way that. you’re not gonna get points so that’s how you do it you just keep typing in stuff and you’re gonna get points you’re gonna keep seeing that accumulate now.

If you do want to search up here at the top of your browser you can do that as well but you have to change the settings to Bing in order for this to work otherwise you’ve just got to go to Bing calm but that’s just easy too okay now the easiest way to get to your rewards is just a click up here in the top right corner.

You’re gonna see that I have a goal of a $5 Amazon Coupon Code right there and then they give you a quick snapshot looks like I’m level 2 points I’ve done 55 out of 150 desktop searches today 50 out of 100 mobile and then 0 out of 20 for Microsoft edge.

I’m gonna go to the main rewards page now all you do is just click here on Microsoft rewards and that’s gonna take you into the main reward page and then I’ll show you guys about that ok so now I’m on the main rewards page and I’m just gonna show you the way this issue works from left to proper so you men can understand how the entirety goes to work with Microsoft rewards. 

Bing Search Rewards

So it looks like I’m a level two and I’ve earned 665 points this month and I will stay at level 2 and all level 2 means is that once you’ve reached this higher tier you can actually get more points for doing searches on mobile and desktop. which is really important to pretty much max out everything that you can but reaching level 2 is not very hard but you do must hold it up in any other case you will lose it proper right here it says that I’ve got 1,185 to be had points so 1,185 factors and I’ve got 1,185 thousand lifetime points. 

Honestly, that isn’t even that much compared to what you can do if you use it all the time and then they’ve got these things right here this is a 1-day street count and I’ve got two days till the bonus present I’ll give an explanation for what this isn’t always only a 2nd for you men after which proper here.

It says the max points that I can get according to day is 3 thousand seventy-five which really that isn’t always it is now no longer what number of factors you may get at no cost I guess you plenty of the ones consist of gives that they are gonna have on this rewards page so you can get a lot of points but you definitely can’t get 3000 a day okay so over here.

We’re on the earned tab and I’m just gonna scroll down a little bit and show you guys this so it looks like right now they’ve got a promotion where you can score bonus points on digital purchases from the Microsoft Store. 

So if you’re shopping with them then do it with being rewards or Microsoft rewards and then you definitely gonna become with more points down right here now that is something you men need to pay attention to those 3 things proper right here they’re gonna switch out every single day and in case you click on on them you’re gonna earn quick points however the cool thing is in case you do all 3 of those then you definitely are gonna earn what is called a streak so it seems like I’ve already were given one current-day streak from the day before today and if I get greater which means I’m going to do those 3 things then I’m gonna get a streak bonus so anyways if it is inexperienced up right here with inside the checkmark meaning I’ve already carried out it, however, those I left for you guys so I can show you in right here.

In the blog so I’m just gonna click this right here and it’s going to take me to wherever they want me to go and obviously. I don’t have any interest in this so I’m just gonna go back to the tab and I just got my 10 points and then right here. I’ve got one more so let’s earn the daily pull and then I click on this like I said I really don’t care it says you’re going out for Mexican food what do you order sure I’ll get tacos probably what everybody voted for yeah kind of close okay so we got that now let’s go back to where we were and we got green on all three of these now scroll down and it just updated and I’ve got two days streaks now so that is one more day.

I’m gonna get my streak bonus scrolling down you are gonna see movies and TV punch-card right or by three movies this month and earn 2,500 points so there you go you can get bonus points for using Microsoft Store for your movie rentals and your purchases down here these are just more bonuses that I can get looks like I got a hundred a while back or something really easy all I had to do was set up a goal which was that Amazon coupon code.

You guys saw so the green ones I’ve done these I haven’t done but these are gonna swap out not every single day like the other three but these still come through and they’re pretty handy okay so over here on redeem we’re gonna click into the redeem tab and you are going to see the stuff that you can buy so I’m gonna click on shopping just to show you guys some of the gift cards Xbox and Microsoft.

They’re the ones that they want you to spend the points on so they actually give you a slight bonus if you are a level Microsoft Rewards member but all the other gift cards I haven’t really noticed that you get a discount for being level two so here you go we got Starbucks, Amazon coupon code, Burger King, movies Chipotle, and Hulu. 

So you guys get the point they have a lot of gift cards that you can choose from and you can actually get paid to search the pretty cool internet I’m the community is just so that you can add your family to the account I don’t know really why you’d do that unless there’s an incentive or some sort of competitive nature that.

You’re into but status right here this is just gonna give me a quick overview of everything about my account okay this is loaded up ninety-five thousand lifetime points eighty-seven thousand points redeemed. 

I’m and then these things these are called badges you earn these apparently for doing more fun being so like if you’re crazy and you do Microsoft rewards for 999 days in a row for those streak bonuses they have a little badge you can get for that the winners tab I don’t need to click on this but this is just proof of the sweepstakes winners so that’s all there is to it this is the desktop version and now I’m gonna go into mobile and it’s pretty much the same thing okay with mobile it does work if you just go into your main browser go to Bing and type in stuff but you got to realize that you’ve got to be signed in for this to work and it’s kind of confusing because sometimes you can’t tell.

If you’re signed in or not and you don’t know if you’re getting points so honestly if it were me I would just get out of here and use the Bing app. which you’re gonna see on the bottom of my screen I’m going to open that up right now just open up the Bing app sign in and then you can do everything through the app and that’s what I would recommend doing you can change the settings on your phone and make it so being as your main search but just stick to this advice and just use the app because this is a lot easier and it never logs you out okay.

So all you have to do click this little emoji guy on the bottom right that’s gonna tell me my points so we are at 7,515 okay let’s go back into here and let’s search for something time again I don’t know why I’m doing that but okay we got that now let’s go back into the emoji and you’re gonna see that. I just bumped up to five points because that’s mobile now over here scrolling down. 

You’re gonna see the thing that says rewards you can just click on that and that is going to bring up all of the same information that was on the desktop.

I’m just in a really easy mobile way of looking at it down here you got your earn to redeem community status I’ve got the little daily things that I had already done to earn my current one day streak so everything that you saw on desktop you can access on mobile but trust me using the app is a lot easier to do that so definitely use the app for this okay so now that you know.

How easy it is to make money online by just doing searching I want you to try this out for yourself and then share the blog. if you did get some value out of it now once again.

I’m harry from with honest finance and make money online I make a lot of blogs on different topics that will give your life and your finances more value so feel free to join our community. if you guys want to or you can just check out some other blog that I’ve made right over here but that’s all for now.

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