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How to Set up business email with your domain name like this ([email protected]). if you don’t have a domain click this for free domain & hosting

Hi, I am harry from beginnerlink. For this blogpost, a tutorial shows you how to set up a business email free of cost. its looks more professional.

its take a  15 minutes.

3 Steps of tutorial for How to set up business email
Let’s Get Start.

  1. Create an account in improvMx

    Improvmx is a website, which assists us forward our business e-mail to an inbox, wherein you may read your Emails Go to improvmx And then enter your domain name and Gmail address, And your improvmx account can be createdcreate impromx

  2. Add MX records for your DNS web page Now

    To create a business e-mail, you want to add the MX information into your DNS web page So to add the MX data Just visit your web website hosting account after which update Note: Now, in case you’ve were given your website hosting with a person else other than Godaddy, then you want to repair your DNS settings there.DNS

  3. Create an Email Forwarding.

    Creating an Email Forward will forward all of the Emails coming for your business Email to an inbox wherein you may read your Emails.

    Once you’ve created your e-mail forward it. So to check it, if you send a random e-mail for your business e-mail, you will receive emails for your business e-mail.

    So now you understand how you may create a business e-mail. So let’s visit the following part of this tutorial wherein you will see how you may send emails out of your business e-mail. Now at this point, in case you send emails out of your business e-mail, you may see that emails are going out of your Gmail address So to send emails out of your business e-mail.Email forword

  4. Setting up business email

    Change a setting in your Google account To change the setting, Go for your google account And then enable ‘less secure apps’ choice in your google account. Once you’ve changed the setting You can visit (If you’ve got enabled 2 step verification in your google account, you may watch this video to create your business e-mailSetting up email

Add your Business e-mail Once you add your business email to Gmail, You can begin sending emails out of your business e-mail. All the emails you send from Gmail can be sent from your business e-mail. So you’ve effectively created your business e-mail and you may begin the use of your business e-mail.

Now let’s look at the bonus as a part of this tutorial. Which is To create multiple business emails in the same area. So to create any other business e-mail in the same domain you want to create one extra e-mail forward in ImprovMX. So simply Go to improvMX.

Create a brand new business e-mail that you need to create at the same domain name after which input the Gmail address wherein you need to apply the brand new business e-mail Now once more you want to change the setting for your google account Once you’ve got modified the setting…

Next, you want to feature your new business e-mail for your Gmail address wherein you need to apply the business e-mail. And as soon as you’ve delivered new business e-mail can be delivered to your Gmail account. This means you may send and receive emails out of your new business email. So that is how you may create your business e-mail for free.

Credits- Website Learners

In case if you have doubts about this setup, Watch the video or Comment below.

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